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Slime PuddleEdit

Slime Puddles will randomly generate in Swamp Biomes in a newly created world with this mod installed. If you come across one, it can be broken with your hand, or a tool, which will result in it dropping 1 Slime Ball in the latest version. As you can see in the picture, if left alone for a while, Slime Puddles will spread naturally onto nearby blocks, much as Mushrooms would do. In the picture, the Slime Puddles have spread onto dirt blocks, however, they may spread onto other types of block as well, although its always recommended to put down plenty of Soul Sand for the Puddles to spread to.

Slime Puddle ss

Image shows Fully Mature Slime Puddles ready for picking

After obtaining some Slime Balls, it is possible to create a growing area anywhere you like and craft Slime Seeds to make a garden of Slime Puddles. To plant a Slime Seed, you MUST make your growing area out of Soul Sand. Slime Seeds will only grow, and can only be planted on Soul Sand. The Soul Sand will not need to be hoe'd.
Slime Puddles Grow instantly into the mature Slime Puddle, so they don't need the use of Bonemeal.


Here's how to craft a Slime Seed

Crafting GUI.png