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Sandstone Edit

Sandstone is a vanilla ore in Minecraft. Sandstone can be mined with any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, the block will be lost. Sandstone appears at the lowest levels of sandy areas (deserts, beaches, etc.) and supports the sand above it, but if a lake is generated there, air may replace the sandstone and result in volumes of unsupported sand which will collapse if disturbed. Sandstone can also be found in desert temples, desert wells and villages in deserts.

CraftingGrid Single.png


For more information on Sandstone, please visit the Minecraft Wiki site HERE
Pam has included an extra recipe in her DesertCraft mod to turn Sandstone into Cobblestone (See below recipe)

Crafting Recipie
1 x Sandstone = 1 x Cobblestone
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