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Random PlantsEdit

A completely Random mod from Pam, just to add a little interest to your Minecraft world.


Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with JourneyMap used for the Minimap and 2 Venus Flytraps I found

This mod adds a single plant, which you could find rather good for Mob Traps. It grows in Swap biomes, but can be harvested with your hand, or any tool and re-planted at any location you wish. The Venus Flytrap is not craftable, nor does it produce a seed when broken. You can only collect the flower in your inventory to be re-planted. Be careful not to get too close, if you bump into one, they will cause half a heart damage each time you come into contact with it.

This is where the Mob Trap idea comes in, because not only do they do damage to you, they also do damage to any mob who happens to wander to close. So, get building a fence around your garden, and put some of these around the outside of the fence, or build a pit for mobs to fall in. With a couple of these plants at the bottom of yout pit, they won't survive long.

Watch out for your animals and pets though, this plant doesn't care who you are, it will damage just about any mob, so don't let your friendly animals get too close.


Image shows default MC 1.7.10 Textures with JourneyMap used for the Minimap with a Spider being hurt by the Flytrap

Although they will still be found in Swap biomes, you can increase the amount you find if you wish. In your config folder you'll find a config file called 'randomplants.cfg'. It has a single option in :


By making the number higher, more plants can be generated.

Latest VersionEdit

Available for MC 1.7.10

Installation Instructions for this mod can be found HERE

What this mod adds to Minecraft

Blocks = 1 (Flower), Items = None, Recipies = None


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