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Wood Plank Edit

Wood Planks are a vanilla block in Minecraft. Wood Planks are used for building or crafting, they are obtained by first chopping down a tree and then placing the log in a crafting square. There are six different shades obtained from the six different tree species. They are a renewable resource, and very easy to obtain early-game, while still being useful later on. Wood planks can be broken by hand, but using an axe will speed up the process.

CraftingGrid Single.png


For more information on Wood Planks, please visit the Minecraft Wiki site HERE

If you have Pam's DesertCraft or Simple Recipes mod installed, it adds an extra recipe for making a plank out of a cactus block, why ? so you can stay in the desert without having to leave to get wood to make sticks for the new tools intruduced in DesertCraft. Recipe shown below


Crafting Recipie
1 x Cactus = 1 x Plank
Crafting GUI.png



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