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Mob Drop CropsEdit

This mod is not as the name first suggests - that your unfriendly mobs go about dropping crops everywhere ..... Noooooo. It's actually meant for those of you who like to play on Peaceful or who have removed mobs from their game in some other way.     Bushes, Puddles, and Pods spawn in the world, and when broken, drop an item that would normally only be obtainable by killing a mob. Lets have a look at them ............


                Top Row (Left to Right)      Bottom Row (Left to Right)Edit

  Bone Pile, Eye Bush, Tear Chalice, Creeper Vine(+ Pod)                Rotten Mound , Slime Puddle, Blaze Flower, Ender Pedistal 

Ok, now we've seen them, lets take a more detailed look about where to find them, how to grow them, and what they give you.    Just click on a crop title in the box below, or CLICK HERE for more information and Download links.


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