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Desert FlowersEdit

Growing in the desert of your newly generated worlds, Pam inrtoduces a new range of flowers / plants. We can find 16 new kinds of flower. Purely for decorative purposes. They can only be found in desert biomes. So, lets have a look at them ..........

DCFlowers ss

                                                                Top Row from left to right : Brown Armed Cactus, Green Cactus, Dead Sapling, Olive Cactus
                                                                1st from Top Row Left to Right : Olive Armed Cactus, Tall Rust Shrub, Short Rust Shrub, Rust Grass
                                                                2nd from Top Row, left to right : Rust Wheat Grass, Tall Tan Shrub, Short Tan Shrub, Tan Grass
                                                                Bottom Row left to right : Tan Wheat Grass, Brown Bush, Desert Flower, Brown Cactus

All of these new plants can only be re-planted on Sand, dirt, grass and podsol. There are no seeds to craft, so you can only use the plants you find to create some nice garden areas for yourself. You won't need any tools, all the plants can be broken with your hand in one punch.